Owning a dog when you’re pregnant

Do you have a dog and are pregnant or planning to have a baby? Here are the answers to questions you may have.

A dog looking up at a baby bump

If you’re pregnant – or planning to have a baby – there’s lots to think about for this exciting stage of your life.

Should you already own a dog, you might like to know how they’ll respond to your pregnancy, and which activities you can continue to do with them.

Don’t yet have a dog, but would like to adopt? Then you might be wondering whether it’s a good idea to take on a pooch when you’re pregnant.

You might be curious for yourself or be part of a couple expecting a baby. Either way, we’ve got advice to help ensure your faithful friend remains a valued member of your family.

Do dogs know when you’re pregnant?

Some dog owners, when they're expecting a baby, think their pet is behaving differently to normal. For example, their pooch might snuggle up to them more than before. The owner may wonder if the dog knows they're pregnant.

While dogs don’t understand the idea of pregnancy, …


How will my dog act if I’m pregnant?

That depends on your dog as well as the things you do. You might find they want to be by your side more, or a bit less. They might seem anxious or quiet. Or you might not notice much difference in how they behave.

You can use this time to help your dog adjust to having a …


Is it safe to have a dog while pregnant?

As long as you take some safety measures, you can continue to do the activities you usually would with your dog.

If you’re uncertain, or have a specific medical condition, then you should talk to your doctor.

Whether you’re out walking your dog or relaxing with them at …


Can you pick up dog poo when you’re pregnant?

For most, it’s safe to continue picking up dog poo while they’re pregnant. If you have doubts, or a specific medical condition, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor.

Otherwise, keep scooping the poop, bag it and bin it – it's part of being a responsible dog owner.



Can you kiss your dog while pregnant?

If your dog usually licks your face or lets you kiss them, it might be tempting to continue. But these come with added risks when you're pregnant.

When you’re expecting a baby, your immune system isn't as good at fighting off bugs. That means you're more at risk of …


Can I adopt a dog while pregnant?

You might be pregnant and considering adopting a dog from us at the same time.

There are no fixed rules, but when we review adoption applications, we'll need to feel confident that:

  • you'll be a responsible dog owner
  • now is a good time for you to adopt
  • you're a good match …

Building your new family with your dog by your side

Your dog can remain a valued part of your family throughout your pregnancy and beyond. If you have concerns about your pooch’s behaviour, then now’s the time to speak to your vet. To get started on dog training, get in touch with our Dog School.

Dog School

Expert advice and practical training to help you and your pooch understand each other better. We offer 4 week courses specifically catered to puppies, adolescents or adult dogs.

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