Veterinary Support Fund

Supporting specific adopters whose dog has a medical condition likely to require ongoing vet treatment.

vet giving labrador treat near mouth whilst examining

This initiative supports specific/certain adopters whose dog has a medical condition likely to require ongoing veterinary treatment throughout their life. This is a limited fund and therefore is only available to certain adopters and dog depending on their circumstances.

Like all charities, Dogs Trust has been hit hard by the recent pandemic and we have had to make some changes to our services. Throughout the pandemic, the welfare of the dogs in our care has remained our highest priority and our teams have risen to the challenges presented to ensure we have still been able to help as many dogs as possible.  As we find ourselves in unprecedented times due to the pandemic, we have had to focus our attention on how we can best continue our commitments as an organisation whilst working within such an unpredictable economic climate.  

The VSF has been created so that we can continue to provide support with veterinary costs related to existing medical conditions, in a way that will be sustainable in the long-term.

I am a new adopter on VSF

If you have adopted a dog from us and your pet has been placed on the VSF, you should have received the following paperwork. This will include:

  • VSF Terms and Conditions
  • you should have read and signed a copy of these. Please ensure you keep these in a safe place as they refer to the specific details of what the Dogs Trust is and isn’t able to assist with under the VSF
  • VSF Certificate listing the specific condition(s) and financial lifetime contribution provided by Dogs Trust
  • this is specific to your dog. We are only able to make a contribution towards the condition listed on this certificate so again, please keep this safe and show your vet as well
  • VSF Claim form 
  • this must be attached to any invoice sent into Dogs Trust for a contribution.

We have created some helpful resources which should answer any questions you have about the new scheme.

If for any reason you need to contact the VSF team, please call 0300 303 2552 or email us.

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Adopter Leaflet
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Pharmacy Information
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Terms and Conditions
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Dogs Trust Prescription form

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