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Welcome to the cutest page on the website! We are The Puppies and every one of us will melt your heart! Here at Dogs Trust Manchester, we have a dedicated suite where soon-to-be mums can rest and bring up their little pups until we all find our forever homes. We also have puppies here who were rescued and are now enjoying all the fun and craziness that The Puppy Playground has to offer! As you can imagine it gets quite chaotic at The Puppy Playgroup but our loving carers are on hand day and night to help our mums get some well-deserved rest from us lot! We sure are a lively bunch of pups with plenty of toys, baskets, milk and food to keep us all occupied!

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By sponsoring us you will help all the puppies to have the best possible start in life and ensure our fun-filled days continue here at the Centre. Because we aren’t old enough to have had all our vaccinations yet, The Puppy Playground is away from the hustle and bustle of the main rehoming section and we can’t have any visitors, just in case any of us become poorly.

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