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Hello, I'm Nula

Doberman cross

About me

I have really powerful legs which come in handy for the games of chase I play with my doggy pals! I'm the fastest out of all of them! These legs are also good for digging and I make the most of them on our woodland walks where I dig up the undergrowth to see who's hiding in there!

Why I need sponsoring


  • Likes - Digging, Playing with tennis balls, Cuddles, Woodland Walks
  • Dislikes - Cars, Small furry animals!


  • I look a bit different now, I was having some trouble with my eye and medicines weren't working, so I had to have an operation to remove it. Don't worry though - I can still spot a squirrel a mile off and chase after it! My carers thought my new look might mean I wouldn't be as good at catching balls as I once was but they were wrong - I still catch them every time!

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