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Arnie (Staffie Cross)

About me!

Staffie Cross
5 to 7 Years


I love splashing in the pond; I don't like having to get out!

More about me

I like searching for sticks while out walking with my carers. I'd have quite a collection in my kennel if I was allowed to bring them home! And although I'm cheeky and independent I still enjoy a cuddle from my carers!Hi, it’s Arnie here! I’ve got some grrrreat news to tell you. After 6 years living at Dogs Trust Glasgow, I’ve finally found my forever home! I visited my new owner lots of times before leaving and we get on like ‘a kennel on fire!’ I’m the only dog in my new home which is grrreat and my new owner is a lovely lady who knows just how to take good care of me. This wouldn't have been possible without the kindness of people like you. Thank you so much! Lots of love, Arnie xx