Hello, I'm Stitch

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Border Collie

About me

I’m a super active young chap, I’m always happiest when playing outside, whether I’m chasing tennis balls or hiding in the long grass. I’ve got a super keen mind that needs a lot of new and interesting activities to keep me occupied so you’ll often find me out with different carers learning as much as I can. It takes me a little while to warm to people, but once I do, you’ll see I’m a bright spark with a playful personality!

Why I need sponsoring

I found myself here at Dogs Trust Loughborough when my owner could no longer look after me. You see, I become very attached to my toys and friends and it’s difficult for me to be on my own. When I’m feeling anxious, I start to rearrange the room and I can make quite the mess! Other dogs can sometimes make me nervous and very shy too, I find it’s easier for me to hide away until they’re gone. Once I arrived here it became clear a normal home just wasn’t for me, but i'll keep working with my carers to overcome my issues – they’re so kind and patient.


  • Toys (especially balls)
  • Squeezy Cheese
  • Being outdoors


  • People leaving my Kennel
  • Kennel being tidied with me in it
  • People who don't play with tennis balls!

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