Hello, I'm Stanley

Spaniel cross

About me

Hello, I'm Stanley! Swimming is my favourite thing to do, but I don't like the brushing I need afterwards... a couple of tasty treats gets me through though! Once I’ve got close to someone I trust, I really am an affectionate boy – well, who doesn’t enjoy a hug? I thoroughly enjoy training puzzles in the barn because there’s always tasty treats when I solve them!

Why I need sponsoring

I must confess that I can be a bit of a handful in a home which is why I’ve been rehomed then returned a couple of times. My carers here understand that I guard my food, toys and bed, which others may not understand so much, and that can make me nervous around people I don’t know.


  • FOOD
  • Swimming
  • Playing with my toys


  • Travelling in the car
  • The vets!

Did you know?

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