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Even though we're dogs who are getting on a bit, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy life to the full! The Oakfield Old Dogs Home is the perfect place to spend our twilight years, with comfy sofas to curl up on, lovely carers always nearby and we've even got our own TV to watch! Us OADs (Old Age Dogs) come in all ages shapes and sizes - but each and every one of us is special!

Why I need sponsoring

Dogs of all ages come into Dogs Trust, from tiny puppies to teenagers! Oakfield Old Dogs Home isn't like your standard rehoming centre, it's an old house! Some older dogs are very used to their home comforts and the rehoming centre set up doesn't suit them, they need the noises of the television and washing machine to be able to relax and that's what we give them at Oakfield. We simply wouldn't be able to provide specialist care for every dog that comes through our doors without your support.


  • Napping on the sofa
  • Dairylea triangles!


  • There's not much we don't like, we're an easy to please bunch!

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