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Hello, I'm Honey

Golden Retriever

About me

I can be a bit of a nervous pooch around new people but I’m soon won over with some toys and tasty treats! I’m a very cheeky doggy with a lot of love to give! My carers always tell me how much of a clever girl I am, because I love doing tricks and playing lots of games to keep my brain active – I can pick up a new trick or game quicker than anyone! I can be pretty nervous when I’m meeting new people, but I always come round and we end up being the best of friends!

Why I need sponsoring

I first came to Dogs Trust a few years ago when my previous owner unfortunately couldn’t provide the right type of care I needed. Since then I have got quite anxious when meeting new people and can be a bit protective of my food and toys, but it’s something Dogs Trust is helping me deal with and learn to overcome!


  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Walks
  • Playing fetch
  • Showing off my tricks!


  • The vets
  • Having a haircut

Dogs you can see

You’re welcome to come and visit me, please make sure you call the Centre first on 01656 725219. I’m afraid you won’t be able to touch me because I’m a bit nervous around people I don’t know – I’ll still be so happy to see you though!

Did you know?

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