Hello, I'm Ginger

Terrier cross

About me

I'm a scruffy girl who always has a big smile on her face, especially when i'm playing with my favourite squeaky toys or having a game of fetch. I'm can be shy when you first meet me but once I get to know you i'm the cuddliest girl you'll ever meet! I just love nuzzling up to my carers for some fuss and cuddles.

Why I need sponsoring

I'm a bit of a timid girl, scared of sudden loud noises like thunder and lightning and I really don't like the rain either. I also get really nervous around people I don't know so I've found it difficult to find my forever home, but, my amazing carers here at Dogs Trust are helping me to build my confidence.


  • Squeaky toys
  • Cooked meaty treats
  • Cuddles with carers


  • Sudden loud noises
  • Rain

Did you know?

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