Hello, I'm Frank

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About me

I live a life of relaxation and luxury here at Dogs Trust and can often be found getting my beauty sleep on a comfy sofa with some relaxing music in the background! I have a lots of energy, so you’ll probably find me on a fun walk, putting my Beagle nose to good use, sniffing my way around the woodland near Dogs Trust Canterbury!

Why I need sponsoring

I first arrived at Dogs Trust when my owner could no longer look after me, and I’ve had a few homes since then but have ended up back at Dogs Trust each time. I struggle a bit in a home environment as I’m worried by new people and I get protective over my things. Here at the Centre, I working hard with my carers to help me stay calm in situations that make me uncomfortable, and I’m making some progress which is very exciting!


  • Spending time with my carers
  • Training sessions
  • A comfy sofa
  • Soothing music!


  • Strangers
  • Sharing my things
  • Bouncy dogs

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