Hello, I'm Barney

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About me

I’m the tenacious terrier who’s never happy than when I can play with my favourite tug toys. I’m the kind of chap who can never sit still and I’m always looking for new toys to play with. I’m happy learning new things but you have to know, everything comes with a price, and for me that’s my favourites, cheese and hotdogs! I’m not great at meeting new folks, and it takes a while for me to get to know you, but once we’re better acquainted you better be ready to play tug of war!

Why I need sponsoring

I found myself here at Dogs Trust Merseyside when my owner had to give me up because of my guarding issues, if I’ve chewed it, that means I own it, and I like to chew a lot of things! I’m not keen on new people and it takes people a while to gain my trust. Once we get to know each other better I can relax and I’m very playful. My carers here are helping me learn to be better with sharing my things around humans and other dogs.


  • Likes
  • Hotdogs and Cheese


Dogs you can see

You’re welcome to come and visit me, please make sure you call the Centre first on 0303 003 0000 . I’m afraid you won’t be able to touch me because I’m a bit nervous around people I don’t know – I’ll still be so happy to see you though!

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