Hello, I'm Basil

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Terrier cross

About me

I'm an independent little dog with a cheeky side when the mood and the zoomies take me! I love to spend an afternoon outside having a kickabout with a football, or maybe learning something new and exciting! I’ll never turn down the opportunity to show off a new trick, especially when there’s a delicious treat coming my way as a reward!

Why I need sponsoring

Despite having been rehomed in the past, I was brought back to the Centre because it didn’t work out. You see, I don’t really like sharing my things and being handled can make me quite uncomfortable! Luckily, life at Dogs Trust Evesham is grrreat and my carers know exactly how to keep me at my happy, cheeky self!


  • toys and learning new things


  • the vet

Dogs you can see

You’re welcome to come and visit me, please make sure you call the Centre first on 01386 830 613. I’m afraid you won’t be able to touch me because I’m a bit nervous around people I don’t know – I’ll still be so happy to see you though!

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