Hello, I'm Barry

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Shar-Pei cross

About me

I'm a bit of a brain box with a love of learning new tricks and keeping my mind busy. But don't think I'm all serious - I have a cheeky, playful streak and I love bounding around the fields here at the Centre! As long as it's dry, I don't want to get cold!

Why I need sponsoring

You may have noticed the dark patches on my skin, this is because I have really sensitive skin and a dust mite allergy which used to leave me with sore skin. My carers have found the perfect medicine for me but this does mean that I'm scared of being touched unless it's someone I know and trust. I also get nervous when other people go near my food, toys or water bowl which my carers understand and are able to keep me calm and collected - I'm a lucky boy!


  • Food
  • Walks
  • Food
  • Tennis balls
  • … did I mention food?!


  • The rain
  • Mud
  • Puddles

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