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Hello, I'm Sheldon


About me

I’m a big softie, my favourite toys are my teddy bears and you can often find me carrying one around the Centre. I'm cheeky too, and if there's something in my carer's pocket that I think I should have (like a toy!) I'll stick my nose in to take it for myself! I can be a bit shy around new people, but if there's a biscuit on offer I can usually be won over! I love living at Dogs Trust West London, my carers know me and my quirks so well and have so much patience with me. They also know where all the treats are kept, so I think I'll stay friends with them!

Why I need sponsoring

I'm more suited to life at the rehoming centre! I've had a few homes since arriving at Dogs Trust, but I really struggle to settle there. I find all the new noises and unusual things a bit overwhelming, I was so happy to come back here to the familiar faces of my carers!


  • Teddy bears
  • Soft toys
  • Food


  • Big lorries
  • Busy roads
  • Sharing my toys!

Did you know?

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