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Hello, I'm Harvey


About me

I’m an energetic boy who loves splashing around! I’m a real water doggy, there is nothing more I love than finding a nice stream or puddle where I can leap in for a swim! I’ve even got my own personal paddling pool outside my kennel! My carers say I never stay still, I'm always racing around the fields playing scent games with my tennis balls. I’m a clever pooch with a willingness to learn as much as I can – especially when treats are involved!

Why I need sponsoring

I was handed over to Dogs Trust when my owners were no longer able to care for me. I’ve been rehomed a couple of times since being here, but unfortunately, due to my nervous behaviour, those homes didn’t work out. This is why I need a sponsor like you to care for me until the perfect owner comes along who understands all my needs.


  • Water
  • Swimming
  • Learning tricks


  • Too much fuss
  • Sharing my toys and treats

Did you know?

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