Kobi (was Johnny) from Manchester

With those big brown eyes, floppy right ear and that massive collie energy how could we not fall in love with him as soon as we saw him on the website! Now in his forever home, we are seeing more and more of his amazing personality coming through everyday and we love him so much just the way he is. Even his new kitty brother and Sister love playing with him. His favourite thing in the world is playing in the garden with us and his very own toys and is very much part of our large family, we couldn’t imagine not having him with us. Sometimes energetic dogs can be deemed as too much effort, won’t listen or aren’t as easy to control, but you do really need to be patient. After only a week with us Kobi has learnt his new name, all basic training, interacted with our cats and our family and is very much the best doggo we could have chosen, we are absolutely in love with him 🖤