Lizzie from Wales

It has taken a while to be emotionally ready to share our story, but we are so grateful to the Dogs Trust that it is important to us to share. We adopted lizzie 16 years ago when she was 7 months old- completely traumatised by her early start in life until the Dogs trust rescued her. She was terrified of everything (the car, the house, a ball) but within days she was running by the river, playing games and loving family life. We had a phone call the day before we were due to pick her up for her forever home, to say that she was pregnant. We had done our home assessment and met her a few times with our other dog Rocky (who became her lifetime best friend, brother and co-parent). The dogs trust offered to keep her there until the puppies were born but we chose to bring her home. Her puppies were born on Harry Potters birthday in the cupboard under our stairs (her chosen nesting place). They found forever homes and she out lived all but two of her puppies. Lizzie spent her whole life smiling- every single time we walked into the room and the whole time we were with her she smiled at us. Everything about her radiated happiness and she was so loved by everyone who came into contact with her. Lizzie crossed over to the rainbow bridge last October, age 16 years, outliving her beloved Rocky.She experienced holidays, the beach, seeing her ‘people’ go to university and return to her, games, birthdays, Christmases, the woods, the canal, playing with her toys, but her happy place was always wherever we were. She was the most gentle, loving, loyal, beautiful dog who acted like the luckiest dog in the world, but we knew we were the lucky ones. Thank you so much, we have been so blessed to have Lizzie in our lives for such a long time and although we miss her every day, we will be forever grateful to the Dogs Trust.