Sammie (Sandy) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

We adopted Sammie 3 years ago, he was aprox age one. With an unknown background, hugely underweight, a sore right leg & sores on his ears. We were told he would never be able to be near another dog. We have since learned that he suffers from fear. I hate to think what the first year of his life was like! When he arrived with us, he didn’t know what treats were and wouldn’t take any off us regardless of meat content. We bought him two beds & a basket full of toys but he wanted to sleep on the hard kitchen floor & he was scared of his toys. When we went for a walk with him, he would lunge at anything that moved; cars, bikes, people, dogs. Three years on, he is living his best life ever. My brothers dog came on Xmas day & they played all day! I was so proud of him. He’s seen & played with his best pal (Logan) several times now. Every Saturday & Sunday he lies on our bed with us (a lie in) and has rich tea biscuits, he is still very fussy though; he will only eat them if they have been dipped in coffee. We then all go for breakfast at the local garden centre & he loves the fuss from the staff & the sausages they give him! He is our world & we wouldn’t be without him now.