Minnie and Mabel from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

Minnie (right) was adopted from Kenilworth in October 2016. She was 9 months old. Minnie has always been a little anxious at times but forever loved by the whole family. Minnie is calm and loyal, she enjoys her food, a good sniff and her favourite activity, a tummy rub. Minnie's real fun began in April 2021 when Kenilworth contacted us about the then named 'Doorstop Sharon'.. Sharon renamed Mabel (left) has become inseparable to Minnie. They love to run around the garden together, drag out their walks by sniffing and then coming home for cuddles. Mabel sometimes finds the outside world overwhelming but loves all the attention at home with her family. She has been on holiday this year and learnt to travel well. She has also learnt to jump upto the dining table if somebody leaves a chair out! She loves her food now and we are all excited for Mabels first Christmas 🎄 🐶