Lulu from Bridgend (Wales)

Lulu has settled in so well since coming home with me all the way to Hertfordshire in August 2021. Not before a little stop off for a stroll on the beach at Ogmore close by to the centre on the day she came home. She settled pretty quick once home, it took a few weeks for her to really find her paws and for us to really see her fab little personality come shining through all of that exterior cuteness. She has got to know family members and all of family dogs owned by my Mum, Sister and Brother and gets on well with them all and enjoys when they all get together for a playdate or walkies together. She loves a good run off lead but never wanders too far without keeping an eye on where I am and always comes back to me when called. Equally enjoys a steady mooch on lead. She gets out twice daily for a walk and loves meeting other dogs out and about, she even met a fellow black and white rescue Shih Tzu whilst on a walk the other week. She's getting better at sharing her toys in her toybox at home when family dogs visit, she tends to go and sit close by the toybox when the other dogs approach it and watch which dog is taking what toy out of her toy box. She will speak up and tell them off if they should take a toy that she's just not ready to share yet. She has become very fond of Flo the flamingo, so much so Flo has already had to have a wing sewn back on after rough and tumble playtime with Lulu. Hehe. She loves a leisurely morning, especially what we have named "Kibble & Cuppa" she has a kibble of her dry food whilst I have a cuppa and we have snuggles together before it's time to get up for me to get ready and logged on at home to begin work. This is a real treat for her to be on the bed for morning snuggles as she not only has her tee pee bed in the lounge which she loves, she also has her own bed on the floor next to my bed in the bedroom that she sleeps on at night. She loves leaping up on the bed when I wake to say good morning and have a snuggle. Her timekeeping is impeccable, knows exactly when it's time for me to be clocking off work for the day and focus on her. She jumps up on my lap as if to say no more work it's Lulu time now. Hehe. She's learnt very quickly the little trick of placing her paw in my hand in exchange for her early evening after dinner dental stick chew. She's a smart cookie for sure. She is a very thoughtful little soul, this November she is remembering her fellow canines and other animals of war by adorning a purple poppy of remembrance on her collar. She has also had her very own portrait painted by a local artist from a photo we sent to them. Lulu and I can't thank you all enough for bringing us together.