Queenie from Evesham (Worcestershire)

Queenie, a Yorkie came to us four years ago in November. She was, and is, a badly damaged little girl. Having had seven homes, we think, in eight years, it took a lot of love and patience to get her where she is today. She still won’t have anybody touching her she doesn’t know and is very wary of other dogs. Her right eye was removed just before she came to us, because she was either punched or kicked and the vet said it was too traumatised to save it. She has been a labour of love, but we made the commitment to take her on, warts and all, even though we can’t leave her on her own. She has a severe case of Separation Anxiety, which means if she can’t go, then neither do we. Do we have any regrets? There was a settling in time when we wondered if we had done the right thing , but it didn’t last long. It was just after Queenie bit the Postman and we had a nice Police lady call us about it. We love her to bits, foibles and all and she won’t be going to another home. Unless she is with us.