Branston from Canterbury

Adopting Branston was a whirlwind. Application made, phone call received on a Sunday followed by a zoom call and 4 hour round trip to meet him. The first meet was everything we could have wished for; Branston saw us and ran straight towards us for fuss. We immediately decided it was a yes from us! A visit on Saturday with another family member sealed the deal and and we collected him the next day, a week after the phone call that changed everything. We are amazed how quickly Branston has settled into our home and into life with our family and how quickly we have fallen in love with him. He loves to “rag” and chew toys and we are constantly trying to find new toys for him that he cannot destroy!!! We love walking him to tire him out as he is full of energy; we have just started recall training and it was fantastic to see him running fully today on his recall lead. We are 5 weeks in and our journey has only just begun however, it’s been fantastic so far and we are looking forward to many adventures together and making more memories.