Butch from Basildon (Essex)

We saw Butch appear on the website for the first time on the Tuesday 27th July, we made an application for Butch straight away as we have had Bull breeds before and after seeing his photograph and reading his bio we wanted to give him a loving home. We were contacted by the centre the next day and did an over phone interview and organised a day to come to the centre at Basidon to meet Butch. We met Butch on the following Tuesday after travelling from our home in Great Yarmouth and we made a bond straight away letting Butch come to us when he was comfortable to do so. After the meet we chatted with staff and headed home, the very same day we were called back by Hayleigh from the centre and we spoke about how the meet went and do a virtual home check via video call, all went well and we went back to the centre 2 days later to collect Butch. Our boy Butch is the most loving gentle dog we have ever had, he is just a cuddle monster and we have had a fantastic time training him to learn new things, taking him on adventures at the beach and the Broads and Butch is loving his new life. The staff at the centre from start to end of adoption were amazing and post adoption are there also to help if you need them, in Butch's case we have not needed help as our boy is amazing, thank you Dogs Trust for all you do, we think you are all fantastic and Butch agrees with a loving wooooofffff