Lily Bella (Was Bella) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

It's been a day since I adopted this adorable little Pug cross Chihuahua. I decided to adjust her name slightly because of us both having the same name (confusing!) and because she wasn't reacting to Bella. I decided to go with Lily (My first dog was called Tosca Tiger Lily and also based on Lily Potter from HP) and Bella as her middle name so to not drop it. As soon as I said Lily to her for the first time calling her she went wild and bounced up to me and now she responds as soon as I say Lily after just a day! She's my chubby little chug (As soon as she's comfy and settled in properly we're going to have loads of exercise and adventures! She's an absolute sweetheart and doesn't leave my side. She is already my little shadow. She is so tiny that she can't get onto the sofa so I scoop her up and put her next to me when she tries to jump up. It's safe to say that this one loves attention! She has been running up to the fences between my garden and the neighbours with her little squeaky pig toy wanting to play. She's settling right in. I love watching her facial expressions change. She goes from chihuahua face with her almond eyes and the stare, and when she becomes excited her tongue flops out to the side and her eyes grow 10 times bigger! She's such an amazing character and I love her so much already. I can't weight to have loads of adventures with this little sweetheart. I'll post again further down the line with some more photos when she's settled and we have some stories to share :) Thank you Dogs Trust - she is the most amazing little companion.