Doris from Basildon (Essex)

I had a broken, but not defeated heart, when I searched for the new focus of my life, a dog , a small to medium dog, that I could fill with fun and love, a busy life should it want one, but peace, consistency, security and dedication to any animal that came my way, as I have ALWAYS done, all my life. I was open , at first, to rehoming, or buying a puppy, knowing the "right one" will always be in my path when it's right, they always have before. With life changing like no one could have predicted, I found a frightening amount of puppies advertised, many with quite "shady" people behind them it seemed, and knowing my weaknesses, I knew if I got involved in any of the suspected scams going on, to try and help the animal in front of me, it would only lead to another taking it's place..then another..then another. So, I looked at local dog rehoming, and kept an eye on "the Dogs Trust" (Basildon) page for my new best mate. I applied for one and heard nothing, so was a little sad about that, but knew, as I say, the right one was on it's way. Saturday evening, a little emotional, I thought I would check the Trust page , as I did most days by then, just to see.... Just to see? Doris......the sweetest grey and white face of a shih tzu...peering at me through the screen. I read her blurb(!) and applied immediately. Not much was known about dear sweet Doris, except she's approx 4 years old, and had minor grooming issues. After a lifetime of working with animals, and succeeding where many failed, (and being the sole groomer of my last dog that was a similar breed, I made sure to put that in my application! ) I thought I could help her with any problems...I have the time, patience and actually quite enjoy convincing them something can actually be nice, or fun. Sunday went, I was surprised to say the least, when on Monday, the call came from The Dogs Trust, and they wanted to know more! I was so thrilled! but I wasn't sure yet if I could have her of course, so had to temper my hopes! (hard to do with that little face looking at you!) but Tuesday we were video calling, and Wednesday? I got to meet the most delightful girl ever!... She came with such an open heart , immediately giving "kisses" keen to be friends and wagging the tail (and that was just me! lol) the carers are very good, taking time to make sure it is calm and amiable, walking some of the grassier areas and the pond area with her, just hanging out. Thursday, she had her last health check and by Friday morning she was "HOME"!...When they feel you are right for a dog, they do not hang about I am glad to say! So, I am now the delighted proud owner/guardian of Darling Miss Doris Doughnut as she is now happily known! She came with no training really, didn't even know her name, yet 3 weeks later, she is doing amazingly well...has learnt "wait", "this way", her name, and where the goodies and food comes from lol! I have known many, many animals over my life, and I can honestly say she is possibly the "warmest" most "open" dog I have ever met, she loves fun as much as sleeping! so we do a fair amount of both! I am taking my time with her grooming, there is no rush after all, but so far (3 weeks in!) she has been semi bathed, had a hair dryer over her, groomed lightly, been trimmed round her eyes, with no fuss at all, (she is a wriggler tho! we will work on it! hehe) so I am sure any minor grumbles she has, will be just that, minor, but thankfully? she is a sucker for a treat so I know bribery will work and I am not above using it lol! She has a gorgeous and surprising personality too, that she is showing daily! She looks pretty and "not the sort"? but yep she will try to roll in it, she will try to wade through it, and she will try to swim in it!! mucky girl! and if it looks like it might run she will have a go at chasing it hahah, and yet to keep me on my toes? LOATHES THE RAIN! she made that abundantly clear very early on! I've discovered she howls to "Coronation St", & "EastEnders" theme tunes, and an unanswered landline phone (but not mobile lol!) and the "go compare" man floats her boat too!... She sleeps by my side all night and chose to do so from night one, and she doesn't move! First thing she does when opening her eyes is to weedle over on her side and give me "kisses", precious, just precious! To be part of this dogs life, and hopefully happiness, is all I want, it's what drives me to get up every day. To give love to one so willing to give hers too, despite how she may have found herself at kennels, is a joy I cannot recommend enough! If you are considering adopting a rescue from Dogs Trust or anywhere else, if you are honest with yourself about what you can give , and what experience you have for certain issues, you can find the right dog for you and the reward is tenfold. Just because it may be an older dog, you still have a wealth of opportunity to create the dog you want, rather than what someone else made, so please consider that aspect before thinking only of a puppy or young dog. Doris is around 4 years old, and yet I am training her as you would a puppy say, and she is taking it all in, no problem at all! I can say here too...the people who work at the Trust, are something special, from what I have encountered, they genuinely want to see the right dog go to the right home, ( that will be a lot harder in some cases than others) rather than the glory, and I applaud them! Once she is spayed and recovered, I intend to take her to "Hoopers", maybe even a little agility, she is a firecracker, when she is awake!, so I think she would love it! all for fun, nothing serious! just how life should be for her now. I consider this a success story, and hope anybody thinking of adopting, can find the love and wonderfulness that I have found with Doris Doughnut!