Millie from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

The minute. I saw Millie 10 years ago I knew we were meant to be together. Out fur family has increased in size and she has a Basset sister Lottie and a Labrador brother Hugo. Millie rules the roost though as the eldest We are at the moment on a big adventurer in the Algarve Portugal. The Fur Brigade (as we call them) my other half and our caravan, we have spent the winter here. Millie loves the beach, we have a hard job getting her out of the sea. She is the most loving dog I've ever had the privilege to love. The joy she brings to our fur Brigade and us is wonderful. I'm so grateful to have found her, although she is now nearly 11 she's fit and healthy and we hope to have many more adventures. Next stop Spain. I can't recommend adoption enough. My little girl Millie and I found each other and there are so many fur babies needing a loving home.