Mimi from Bridgend (Wales)

In May 2008 I was took a friend to dogs trust in Bridgend as she was wanting a companion. I must stress I did NOT want a companion. As we were looking around we came across Mimi she was too small for the kind of dog my friend wanted but she had these big puppy dog eyes despite having just turned 3 so I bent down to interact with her as she was right at the back of the pen. As soon as I put my hand on the glass she came bounding forward trying to sniff it. The lovely lady from DT that was showing her around explained mimi had been at the dogs trust for three months and hadn’t made any attempt at communication with anyone she wouldn’t approach anyone so they asked me if I would take her for a walk if she was willing to come out with me, she was and we had a lovely walk and by the end of the walk I’m in love with her, hook, line and sinker. So I made some more enquiries about it and it turns out that she been badly abused by previous owners and had had three litters before she was three she was petrified of shoes that clicked on flooring, she was petrified of male white sport socks and the sweeping up brush and basically anyone and everyone else apart from me it turned out. Needless to say I adopted Mimi on the 28th May 2008. She was the best decision I ever made. She always very much been a mummy’s girl and even when she had to have her teeth out, she lost her sight due to severe cataracts and the vet felt she was two small to operate successfully on and lost her hearing you would still think she is a new born puppy. Due to her size and energy. She is very much the boss of the house. I’ve always been warned that because Mimi is a jack russell crossed with a chihuahua she may only have a life expectancy of 12-13 years. She had a clean bill of health at her check up in December. She was still eating well had a healthy weight (her weight has always been between 2.5 and 3kgs) However after Christmas we noticed she was getting more snappy than normal and we tolerated it as we just thought she might of been as bored as we were because of all the restrictions. Then she started trying to bite me and my husband and she has never done this. So on Thursday 25th Feb we took her to the vets and after a few tests, scans and X-rays he diagnosed fast onset arthritis in the lower back and back leggings. She’s been behaving the way she has as she is in pain. The vet said we could treat her with painkillers but in the long run we’d just be delaying the inevitable. So I made the hardest decision ever and she will be going to sleep on Tuesday. She’s had just short of 13 years with me first and then my husband who I met 18months after I got Mimi. She’s still such a happy little lady and even though she is in pain she’s hyper. I wanted to tell her story and mine as I felt it was important for people to realise how much a dog can become part of your family, your life, your everything. I’m going to miss Mimi more than I have ever missed anyone she is our baby, especially as we are unable to have children but even if we had had children she will always be our baby to us. I just hope she had as much joy and fun with us as we have with her. Thanks for reading and I hope you find the dog that you love just as much as we love her and I know that she loves us. Take Care and hug your fur babies regardless of what animal they are just that little bit tighter and for that little bit longer going forward.