Zazu from Evesham (Worcestershire)

ZAZU (FOREST OF DEAN) After years of waiting until we had settled into our new home, we brought Zazu home from the Evesham Dogs Trust in October 2020. Zazzi (as we call him) is a 5-year-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross, who as you can see from his picture is adorable. He has moments of hyper-activity, dashing around the garden but equally likes nothing more than a cosy afternoon on the sofa. He is an affectionate, loving little chap who enjoys his treats, a saucer of tea and an occasional scrambled egg. He has in many ways enhanced our lives, although we have had to make many changes to our daily routines. We never realised how much our lives would change, especially as at this stage he is unable to be left on his own for long periods and he is still extremely nervous around strangers and other dogs. However, we enjoy learning about his behaviours and trying to reassure him with positive messages and encouragement to overcome his issues. It will take time, but we have already seen significant progress. He is now a key member of the family and we would not be without him for the world.