Luna from Merseyside (Liverpool)

We fell in love with Luna as soon as we saw her cheeky face at Merseyside Dogs Trust in 2018. Her playful, bouncy nature has continued since we brought her home. Luna now loves running along the beach and paddling in the waves. She loves walkies & playing with my mum and brothers dogs. She’s so friendly, every dog that meets her wants to play, she seems to gauge really well how friendly or playful another dog is straight away! When she’s (EVENTUALLY) tired out after lovely long walks Luna loves nothing more than cosying up to us in front of the fire. She is the most loving dog we could ever have wished for. I will never get bored of her nudges for extra strokes and watching her running after birds in her sleep. Her beagle/ we think patterdale terrier traits made training that little bit tougher initially but we have continued and she is such a brilliant dog. Thank you for letting us adopt Luna, she’s made us so happy xx