Izzy & Odie from Shoreham (Sussex)

We started visiting Izzy the black collie crossbreed at Dogs Trust Shoreham on August 23rd 2012. We knew she was the dog for us, we just had to let her get to know us through visits first. I remember she’d always bring her cuddly toy sheep (who became known as Sheepy) with her on our walks and runs in the field at the rehoming centre! 3 weeks later, Izzy came home to live with us in Brighton! She settled in straight away and it was as though we’d had her for her whole life. In November of the same year, we decided to visit the Shoreham centre again and fell equally in love with Odie, the big white Greenland husky, who happened to be in the same kennel that Izzy had been in when we met her! After a few visits and walkies and meets with Izzy, Odie came home with us too and the rest is history. Odie and Izzy are like brother and sister, and I couldn’t ask for a better pair of crazy pooches. Izzy’s favourite pastime is chasing a football or a tennis ball, whereas Odie prefers a more relaxed life of sunbathing in the garden and napping on the sofa. One thing they can both agree on though, is going to the beach! I think they’re both eagerly waiting for summer to roll back around! They’re best friends to eachother and to us, and we’re so grateful for Dogs Trust for what they do - giving these beautiful dogs a second chance in life and finding loving forever homes for them. Thank you Dogs Trust, from two very happy pooches and their family!