Titch from London

We rehomed Titch in 2006 from The newly opened Harefield branch. The manager called us after we registered with them and said we have several new dogs, 3 of which are suitable for a family with children. Straight away we drove there. There was an area full of dogs, all very excited and waggy tailed but one was bouncing up so high, desparate to be notice, and he was! He came home with us and very soon became the centre of our lives. Titch was one in a million, he was the sweetest, most gentle and fun dog ever! He was a Jack Russell /Pembrokeshire Corgi Cross, a Co-Jack (we had his dna done). He loved the beach and loved his food. He lived a wonderful 14 and a half years with us, he was around 2 years old when we got him so next summer would have been his 17th birthday. He passed away this September and we miss him so much 💔. He really has left a Titch shaped hole in our hearts but we will rehome from the Dogs Trust again once we've healed.