Rex from Snetterton (Norfolk)

Rex the lab cross was a firm favourite amongst his Canine Carers because of his playful personality and love for all things fun! Rex waited 15 months at the centre until his forever home came along. Rex’s new family visited him multiple times at the centre to build a good relationship with him before he was ready to go home on 23rd July 2020. ‘Rex loves his food and spending time in the kitchen when we are cooking, whenever we come in with the shopping bags he puts his head straight in them hoping to find a toy or some treats or food he can eat before it goes in the cooking pot. He enjoys his garden immensely and playing ball games and find-it games. He has regular visitors who speak to him, play games and give him treats through the gate. He likes his telly time in the evening, when we sit with him and we all relax. He loves having his cuddles and being made a big fuss of by both of us.’ ‘Rex has brought so much joy to our lives. There's been the challenges as well, but we're learning and developing together as a family. We've recently celebrated Rex's 6th birthday with friends, playing games and singing happy birthday to him.’