Rupert from Snetterton (Norfolk)

Rupert the collie was handed in to us just after Christmas on 3rd January 2020 and spent 193 days waiting for his forever home. Because of his quirks, it took a little while until Rupert met his special someone. He was adopted in July 2020 and has settled in brilliantly since. Rupert’s adopter said: ‘Me and Rupert are doing fantastically. It has been a tough time for us all but having his companionship has been amazing and has helped me pull through. He is so loving (even if he does have the occasional grumpy side!) and always knows how to cheer me up after a difficult day! He has settled amazingly well, I think the home is now more his than mine!’ ‘The adoption process was fantastic, with several sensible measures in place to make it safe, and it was obvious from when I first met him that we had bonded instantly! Rupert has gone from being fairly independent (unless he wanted to play fetch!) to now joining me curled up on the sofa and constantly demanding fuss! Rupert has been amazing and I cannot thank the Dogs Trust enough.’ ‘In preparation for Christmas I have slowly been socialising him with my parent's dog. Those who know Rupert know this is a big task, but he was so well behaved and actually seems to be really enjoying his little doggy dates!’