Erin from Leeds

I rehomed Erin (previously named Cracker) from the Dogs Trust Leeds on 15th December 2007. Not much was known about Erin as she was found as a stray, but they believed she was about 18 months old. As a young dog, Erin kept me on my toes by chasing everything she could, in fact when we returned to the Dogs Trust for some agility sessions, she used to climb on the equipment purely to get a better vanatage point for bird spotting! We've holidayed in Inverness and Lands End and many places in between. We have completed all of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and all of the National 3 Peaks. I was only 22 when I got Erin so she's been my companion throughout my career, meeting my husband and buying our first house. I got her DNA tested a few years ago and discovered she's a mix of Rough Collie / Sloughi / Border Collie / Whippet. I gave her a birthday of 1st May, so we celebrated her 14th birthday this year. She's suddenly started to look and act like an old lady this year, which has been hard to see, but not one to grow old gracefully she's started shamelessly flirting with any male dogs we meet! She has been the most loving, loyal and entertaining companion I could have asked for. Thank you Dogs Trust!