Woody from Manchester

Woody is such a sweet little soul and has not misbehaved once since he was brought home from the Manchester Dogs Trust centre. He settled in immediately just as though he'd always been here. He played with the toys we bought him, chasing them round the house and throwing them up between his paws when he was on his back. The fur under his arms was so matted he used to get upset if we tried to comb it, but after his first trip to the groomers it was all removed and he was much happier and seemed to love looking so dapper. He's so very contented, it's lovely. He likes to sit on our huge window sill and look out in between his walks, but he never barks at people, just gazes out while we're reading the paper. But he absolutely loves his walks! We live on the edge of the country so he gets some very nice walks every day and his recall is so good. He's just an absolutely perfect little doggy and we love him to bits. He must have been very cherished and of course we don't know the circumstances of why he was given up, but if you're out there and wondering how Woody's going on, you can rest assured that he's very much loved, well cared for and very happy and affectionate.