Ellie (formerly Envy) from Glasgow

My partner and I adopted Ellie from the Glasgow Dogs Trust in September 2019. When we first visited the Dogs Trust, we did not see Ellie, however, when speaking with staff about our application they mentioned Ellie. We were very excited and met her straight away, as soon as we laid eyes on her we knew she was meant to be our dog. We visited the Dogs Trust Glasgow a few times to see Ellie and even introduced her to my family's dog Penny , they got along okay at first but now are best friends and inseparable! We have now had Ellie for over a year, during which she had brought nothing but joy and laughter to us and our families. Her favourite things to do are eat, sleep and go for long walks with Penny on the weekends. Her absolute favourite thing is visiting her great gran every Saturday for lunch where she is prepared her very own special meal. Ellie is the perfect dog for us and we are thankful the Dogs Trust matched her with us and that we picked Ellie, but in reality it was Ellie who picked us.