Harvey from Darlington

This is Harvey - Harvey was rescued by my husband and I five weeks ago. After loosing our girl very quickly we missed the love and company a dog brings to a home. We decided to rescue a dog - we had no specific breed in mind - we just wanted to give a dog a happy home. Then we saw Harvey - an older man with some health problems . We discussed bringing him home and we decided to apply to be his new mum and dad. We meet Harvey before bringing home and discussed all his health issues not only with dogs trust but also with our own vet. So the day came and Harvey came home - what a difference he has made to our life . We left him to settle in his own - in his own time. After a good grooming he was like a new dog - not just in how he looked but also in his behaviour. He has settled really well - it didn’t take him long to get us trained - limited on his diet he knows where the chicken is we use as treat - he knows where his lead is for a walk. He is just amazing - I want people to know that there is a dog to fit your lifestyle - although Harvey has his issues he is amazing - and we know this is his final happy home.