Bruce from Snetterton (Norfolk)

Bruce was adopted from Dogs Trust Snetterton at the beginning of November 2020 through Handover at Home. His adopters say: ‘Bruce is settling in well, he is very keen on telling you what he wants and can throw a tantrum when he doesn’t get it but when he’s being good he gets lots of treats – his kongs and lickimat are his favourite stuffed with veg or peanut butter. Bruce does like his veggies so I cook him up some every night and put them in his tea. He loves playing with his toys but unfortunately most get destuffed quite quickly, but he likes the hard wearing chews. He likes a good chomp, makes him sleepy. He loves strutting along the sea front, meeting and watching people. He’s quite nosey, having a little treat when he’s been good. He likes to come home, have a power nap before some more playtime before his other human comes homes to give Bruce his back scratches that he loves. Bruce spends most of the evening snoring with the odd zoomie before bedtime, where he hogs the bed! We had a little extra help from the post adoption team to try and get Bruce settled in as he can get anxious. It’s still early days and we are still getting to know one another, his likes and dislikes, his little ways, but his character is coming through. We couldn’t imagine life without him.’