Chester from Bridgend (Wales)

This is my success story. As most of you share stories of rehoming dogs from the centres I am unfortunately one of those owners that had to turn to the dogs trust when I needed help to rehome my beloved beagle. While I wouldn’t let him go to any home I knew that dogs trust would find him a suitable home for him and his needs. I unfortunately had to make the choice due to ill health and injury and not being able to walk him to the extent that I was when we had him as a 9week old puppy. It was one of the most heart breaking decisions that I had ever had to make as he was a much loved family pet. Our visit was made easier by the love and compassion of the staff and them understanding why I had made the decision that I did and how hard it was for me. I cried so many tears that day while at the center and on the way home. But to ring a few weeks later and to find out that he had found a new home and had settled in marvellous and was enjoying his new home makes me know that I had made the right decision for Chester to be rehomed as he was only 2 and would fit in well with a new family. I just want to say thank you to the centre and the family that adopted Chester and have given him a new loving home just like the one he came from. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Catherine ❤️