Jarvis from Manchester

So we drove for 4 hours excited but a little unsure as to what Jarvis was going to be like. We had been warned about the demand barking and his previous history .We knew we loved Cocker Spaniels as our darling Frodo was so wonderful and such a cherished member of our family. The people we met at DogsTrust were so friendly and so caring and obviously so enjoyed their work - defo vocational. When Jarvis was first brought out , he looked so beautiful - a big dog - much bigger than we were expecting . /tried hard to engage with him without crowding him - he was largely oblivious to us but did come and engage a bit .. that pm we met him inside and tried to play ball with him and engage with a toy with him - but the room had sooo many exciting smells it was hard to keep him focused . we took him out for a little walk and it was then that he realised we were there - sweet dog - did not pull on lead and reacted well to his name and treats . we went away having only heard the demand barking once - the walk was so lovely , so missed doggy companionship. When we came back the following week to meet him 3rd time and collect him he kinda recognised us ( altho am sure had been a little primed!) and he was very chilled but when it came to it v keen to get into the car and I sat in the back with him while Richard drove. It took him a while to settle , of course, but when he did he slay beside me with his chin on my leg xx lovely boy xx and dozed 5 weeks on he know seems quite at home - he really hasnt shown much demand barking at all - he IS foodie and will take food off the island in the kitchen - 2 chicken breasts yesterday !! he responds well to being told off and looks very guilty but after a little while cuddles and we are all friends. His recall is generally very good apart from when swans and cygnets !! hes a dog possessed !! He is a loving affectionate and happy dog who shares his cuddles with us both and my son (19) who popped home for a few nights . Jarvis is a total sweetie and he gives us such joy - to see him bounding accross the parks and into the river is soooo fab xx oodles of energy and fun . I wonder if he could in fact be a spaniel cross ? or maybe a field spaniel - as he is so much bigger than other spaniels - it doesn't matter what he is tho - he is Jarvis and we love him xxx - we feel sooo lucky to have found him - Thank you for all your hard work - you really did know him xx