Zebedee from Leeds

We adopted Zeb just over 3 years ago from Dogs Trust. When we first went to meet him, he wouldn't come near us. We visited him several times before taking him home and he let us touch him maybe once before running away! On the day we took him home, he sat and shook in a corner and continued this for days. However, he started to come closer and closer - as he realised we were the source of food no doubt - and now he won't leave our side! He is content to snooze the day away next to us on the sofa but will then wake up and demand we stroke him with a swift hit of his paw or nudge of his head! We took him to Dogs Trust for some training classes and they couldn't believe he was the same dog - and that was only a few months after we got him! He is so loving and cuddly now: a world away from when he was shivering in the corner scared of everything! He even has a new doggo cousin who he is confident enough to put in his place and who has made him happier to be around other dogs! An all round HUGE transformation. We couldn't be happier with our addition to the family.