Ozzy (Pomperdere) from Leeds

I had originally intended on rehoming a Lab, Staffy or another medium sized dog when I set off to The Dogs Trust, Leeds (December 2017). Hahaha That all changed while I was looking at the website on the way there on the bus. I saw this ginger ball of fluff that had bilateral cataracts, a snaggle tooth smile and hang tongue and my heart went out to him straight away. Admittedly I would have taken all the dogs there if I could I went in and asked about him straight away. I was surprised to find that no one else had enquired about him. We met up for the first time a few days later and got on immediately. After a home visit Ozzy (he reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne) came to his forever home. He is now an estimated 13yr old and is now completely blind, almost completely deaf and still as cute as ever. He's loved now as much as the day I met him and he still dancers round in circles when he wants to go out. He had figured his way around within 5 minutes of us getting home and rapidly made himself comfortable and claimed 3/4 of my super kingsize bed as well as the best spot on the corner sofa too. I can not thank Dogs Trust enough as Ozzy has not only become loved by me but also by most of my neighbours and all of my family, he has helped so many friends when they are struggling purely by going and sitting with them. I can not imagine being without him but I know that day will come. I am however making enquiries to re-home anther Dog's Trust furbaby. If all goes well I will have to share my bed with Ozzy and A.N. Other pooch.