Bonzo from Snetterton (Norfolk)

Terrier-cross Bonzo was adopted from Dogs Trust Snetterton about a week ago and he’s already stolen the hearts of his adopters. They said, ‘Our trip home was fantastic, he was a good boy and was interested in the scenery as we drove home. When he got home and we showed him the garden, Bonzo threw himself onto the grass and dragged himself over every inch of it. He has settled in so well you'd think he had lived here longer! He loves playing with his toys in the garden, and he certainly enjoys daddy and Bonzo time in the hammock!’ ‘He had his first visit to the beach and though he was unsure of the feel of the sand under his paws to begin with he soon was running about on it. He liked the sea and loved biting the waves as they came rolling in. He is a big love bug and loves nothing better than lying on mom's lap for a cuddle or dad's lap for extra cuddles! He is a definite foodie which is helping with training. He understands commands down, wait and stop. He is a quick learner and soon learnt how to go out the fly curtain into the garden and goes in and out as he pleases. He has installed himself into our lives and he is so lovable and has filled a huge doggy space in our home that needed a Bonzo to fill it!’ ‘He loves nothing better than doing zoomies round the garden and racing in to look at me as if to say ‘mom, come see’ and races out again. He is a pleasure to have and has bought so much laughter and joy into our lives, you wouldn’t recognise him.’