Dolly from Basildon (Essex)

Dolly is my first dog. When I first started to look around for a dog I knew that a puppy would be out of the question, as I live in a first floor flat. With no garden. Everyone told me not to get an older dog and some told me not too get a Staffy. Well I took their advice and had very little luck. As I realised that the younger dogs were far more popular and because of my lack of experience and no garden etc, my chances were not as good as others. So I looked at the older dogs. It was the best thing I ever did. Dolly has been amazing and everyone says that going for her was such a right move . So if you are in a similar situation as I was. Or even if you’re not Please consider an older dog and don’t just go by the reputation of the breed. Go by the DogsTrust report. I’m so pleased that I did and I’m sure you will be also.