Lanta (was Luna) from Leeds

Lanta came home with us at 9 months old in April 2019, just 4 days after our first meeting. She was a bit of a sensitive girl and frankly a handful from the word go. She thought nothing of climbing (all 4 paws) on to the kitchen table, the washing machine and the worktops, stole anything and everything she thought would summon a reaction and we needed eyes in the back of our heads. :) She'd leap 2 feet in the air with excitement whenever she saw another dog, and pulled like a train on the lead, with only 2 speed settings: 'full' and 'stop'. After 6 months of following a solid routine, with training, patience, lots of treats and positive reinforcement, she knew what to expect, knew she was here to stay and we eventually turned a corner. And whilst it's likely no slipper, sock or slice of toast will ever be safe in her company, we've all learnt a lot and come a long way. She is extremely bright, cheeky, energetic, obsessed with frisbees and never happier than at the beach. She is completely front and centre of our lives, a joy and we're so grateful Dogs Trust Leeds chose us to offer her a forever home. Now we just need to work out if she should have a four-legged housemate... :)