Gilly from Snetterton (Norfolk)

We wanted to provide you with an update on Gilly whom we adopted from the Snetterton rehoming centre in October 2019. In short, we cannot imagine our life without her. She is a phenomenal ambassador for dogs that have trouble being adopted because they "look scary" and became an absolute favourite in reception at the clinic where I worked as a veterinarian. Gilly is silly, perceptive, strong, is keen to learn and has tremendous joie de vivre. She is constantly giving us reason to smile and reminds us to be grateful for the small wonderful moments in our lives. Her favourite activities include her morning ball-fetching sprints, couch snoozes, salmon, and playdates with her best friend "Wally". If I could pass on one piece of encouragement to potential and new adopters, it would be not to be daunted by the work you'll have to put in at the front end. When we first brought Gilly home, she mouthed, barked at every dog and every person we passed, could not keep all four paws on the ground, and wouldn't allow me to touch her feet, ears, or mouth (a must if your mum is a veterinarian!) One of the best first steps we made was to contact and have a behaviourist meet with us and provide us with positive, consistent training methods to work on each of these behaviours. Rescue dogs have a truly phenomenal ability to trust again and Gilly was so encouraged by being rewarded that she very quickly figured out what the "right" thing to do was, providing her with confidence and security (even if the temptation to jump up and greet people is still strong - her feet stay grounded most of the time!) A big thanks to everyone who scooped Gilly of the streets in Northern Ireland and chose us as her family at Snetterton. Simply put, we adore her.