Grace (was Ruby) from Basildon (Essex)

When I was introduced to Grace (as Ruby then), she had a broken leg, and was tiny and timid. I knew I’d take her home, and I thought it was lovely when the lady who helped me get her in the car with all her kit said she might be a bit wary in the car, but in she got, sat down and was absolutely fine. She made herself very welcome at home, and settled really quickly into a routine including 3 walks a day. She loves her food, sleeps all night, and all her toys are called “Piggy”, as she only understands that word (it was the first toy she had here). She understands lots of words and phrases, but never got the hang of “walkies”. She understands “Do you want to come out?” I have no idea why, but as long as we understand each other that’s all that matters. She’s great on the lead, and although she’s not great with every dog she meets, she’s so much better now than she was originally. She’s part of the family, and she knows it. She’s enjoying life, and that’s the way I like it, too.