Murphy from Salisbury (Wiltshire)

We first met Murphy on the 8 June, he was a lovely little boy with a lot of fur and energy. On the 11 we collected him and he had a 3 hour car journey home. From the outset he settled in, loves his food and has become more settled every day. Murphy met our grandchildren a couple of weeks ago and it was as if he had known them forever. Play is great as long as there are treats in his ball. Yesterday he had a full makeover with our local dog groomer who fell in love with Murphy on sight and said what a great little chap he was. He is definitely more Schnauzer than Yorkie just loves to tell you what he thinks of the noise he may have just heard or not. Murphy is a work in progress but has come on leaps and bounds since Day 1, he is a quick learner, loves to meet other people and doggy friends when out on walks. Really glad he was happy with us for his new permanent home.