Clyde from Glasgow

We lost two dogs due to illness in 2019 and were looking for a replacement Border Collie. We met one at Dogs Trust Ballymena but he didn’t get on with our remaining dog. We then went to view another at Dogs Trust Glasgow but he had been adopted by the time we arrived. We decided to have a look at the dogs there anyway and were immediately taken by the profile of Clyde, although he had kennel cough and we couldn’t physically see him that day. After a few visits to get to know him, we saw a dog that just needed a chance for a good home and we jumped at the chance to give him one. He had anxiety and separation issues but over six months later these are pretty much gone and he’s an affectionate and loving companion. He loves walks, long or short, and has racked up almost 1000 miles this year with me. He also loves playing in the garden with balls and frisbees and trying to jump the 6’ fence, which has now been ‘Lurcher proofed’ after he got over it once ! It took him a while to conquer his fear of water too but now he loves a short swim in the sea, Loch, or river to cool down or fetch a stick or toy. A great big lovable lump that we are proud to call our friend.